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SHOP Our Favorite Products & Supplements

This page has some of our favorite home care products linked so you can easily shop from home.

Jill fit and nut article

Creating the Sustainable Fitness and Nutrition Plan

Just over two months ago we entered a new year.


Our Favorite Pillow

I have been on the hunt for a pillow worth carrying for our patients at Lula for 6+...

Trp Balls

How to Use a Trigger Point Ball

“Trigger Points” are knots in tight bands of muscle.

ice or heat

Ice vs. Heat

Proper use of therapeutic ice and heat can be confusing.

chg 8ozjar 1

Topical Pain Relievers

You have most likely heard of Icy Hot or Tiger Balm. These are examples of Topical Pain Relievers (TPR’s).

child with backpack lon g1

How to Choose a Backpack for Your Child

The use of backpacks as a method of transporting personal items is ubiquitous throughout the world.

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its all about you

It’s All About Y-O-U

Each body comes with its unique blueprint.

Core for Website 2

Core Strength: Its Importance and How to Achieve It

In our last article “How to Avoid Back Pain: 4 Simple Practices”, Step #3 focused on Core flexibility...

DSC 1309

How to Avoid Back Pain: 4 Simple Practices

Back pain has been established as the cause of more disability worldwide than any other health condition (Hoy...


Fascia: It's Everywhere

How is a body like an orange? This is a great article that describes the interconnectedness of our...

combo care super charges results

Combo Care Super-Charges Results

If you want to get the most out of your care at Lula, we suggest combining Chiropractic and...

massage benefits

Massage Benefits That Last

Have you ever had a massage that made you feel better in the moment, but the feeling didn’t...


10 Tips for Keeping Your Health Resolutions

It’s the New Year and for most people that means setting some New Year’s resolutions.

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