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its all about you

It’s All About Y-O-U

Each body comes with its unique blueprint. Genetics, diet, activity level, emotional stressors, and life pressures all influence your personal blueprint. With this in mind, there is not a one size fits all remedy for all bodies.

Core for Website 2

Core Strength: Its Importance and How to Achieve It

Most people will experience some form of low back pain in their lifetime. Many suffer an acute and debilitating episode which they feared would never fully resolve and would be plagued with a lifelong condition. By learning a series of exercises performed routinely, most back pain can be resolved and even prevented. An ounce of prevention goes a long way in alleviating and avoiding the perils of back pain.

DSC 1309

How to Avoid Back Pain: 4 Simple Practices

Back pain has been established as the cause of more disability worldwide than any other health condition (Hoy et al., 2014). Barring underlying pathology or congenital structural defect, the majority of back pain suffered across the United States and throughout the world is the result of repetitive postural stress, inflexibility, and sedentary lifestyle.


Fascia: It's Everywhere

How is a body like an orange? This is a great article that describes the interconnectedness of our entire body. What holds it all together: Fascia!

combo care super charges results

Combo Care Super-Charges Results

If you want to get the most out of your care at Lula, we suggest combining Chiropractic and Massage Therapy sessions. Doing these back to back seems to super charge our patient’s results.

massage benefits

Massage Benefits That Last

Have you ever had a massage that made you feel better in the moment, but the feeling didn’t last too far beyond the table? That was before you experienced Myofascial Release.


10 Tips for Keeping Your Health Resolutions

Below, we give some tips to increase your success with sticking to your resolutions or get you back on track.