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Massage Benefits That Last

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Have you ever had a massage that made you feel better in the moment, but the feeling didn’t last too far beyond the table?  That was before you experienced Myofascial Release.

This technique has lasting effects and can change the way your muscles support your body. What is Myofascial Release? “Fascia” is connective tissue that forms sheets between layers of tissue in your body. Its role is to hold your body together while at the same time separating organs and different tissues from one another. “Myofascia” is fascia that surrounds muscles.

By treating tight muscles and the fascial layers between them, your therapist is able to work more holistically. What does it feel like? First, your therapist will hold pressure on knots (or “Trigger Points”-link to page with Trigger Point Therapy) in the muscles. This enhances circulation to the area. After this, with very little lotion, your massage therapist will use long, slow, deep strokes to lengthen the myofascia surrounding the tight knots. It can feel very intense, but the difference is in the lasting effects. To keep those effects going, we recommend using a foam roller at home. Foam rolling is self Myofascial treatment! Ask your provider for more information about foam rollers at your next appointment.

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