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SHOP Our Favorite Products & Supplements

This page has some of our favorite home care products linked so you can easily shop from home. When you purchase through these links part of the profit goes to us. Let our small business help you help yourself!

Jill fit and nut article

Creating the Sustainable Fitness and Nutrition Plan

The key term in this scenario presented is lifestyle, so in an effort to support and sustain a way of living leading to optimum health and wellness, here are a few suggestion to your approach in creating the ideal fitness and nutrition plan for your improved and sustainable lifestyle.


Our Favorite Pillow

After years of research, we finally have a pillow to call Lula Approved!

Trp Balls

How to Use a Trigger Point Ball

Melt away knots with this simple tool and technique.

ice or heat

Ice vs. Heat

Proper use of therapeutic ice and heat can be confusing. While it is not a black and white issue, there are some general guidelines to follow for best results.

chg 8ozjar 1

Topical Pain Relievers

You have most likely heard of Icy Hot or Tiger Balm. These are examples of Topical Pain Relievers (TPR’s). Creams or sprays that reduce your sensation of pain. While on the physical level, these TPR’s do not perform any healing function, their use can actually address a deeper aspect of pain.

child with backpack lon g1

How to Choose a Backpack for Your Child

Choosing a proper backpack is especially important for school age children whose spines grow rapidly each year.