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This page has some of our favorite home care products linked so you can easily shop from home. When you purchase through these links part of the profit goes to us. Let our small business help you help yourself! 

Please consult with one of our doctors for proper use of these products and supplements. SCHEDULE HERE



Meriva SR - Anti-Inflammatory

Mag Glycinate - Muscle Relaxer

Myocalm - Muscle Relaxer

Myocalm Plus, 60T - Muscle Relaxer + Sleep Aid

Myocalm Plus, 180T

Protozyme - Acute injury support


Exercise & Stretch Tools- 

Trigger Point Ball - Relief for knots in muscles. Learn how to use.

Balance Ball - Great for core strength and chest opener stretches. Highly recommended using as a desk chair, too.

Foam Roller - Traditional style.

Proper Foam Roller - Great for mid and upper back.

Tennis Elbow Bar


Topical Pain Relief Creams- Learn more here

Biofreeze Spray - Cooling topical pain reliever. 

China Gel, 4oz - Cooling & heating topical pain reliever. 

China Gel, 16oz w/pump 

Tiger Balm - Best for face or jaw pain & headache relief.


Pillow & Support Products-

Lumbar Support Pillow

Proper Pillow - great to retrain stomach sleepers, back/ side is best.

Purple Pillow  - favorite all around pillow. 


Sacroiliac Brace


Hydrotherapy- Learn more here

Epsom Salt - add this to a warm/hot bath to relieve muscle tension. 

Heating Pad 

Ice Pack