Liz Marr


Liz Marr

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Good health is our most valuable asset. As a former Division I athlete, Liz Marr, L.Ac., MAcOM, Dipl.O.M., understands the joy of feeling strong and healthy. She also knows what it’s like to lose that sense of vibrancy, an experience she had while struggling for nearly a decade with an uncomfortable eye condition.

After only three months of consistent acupuncture and herbs, her eye diagnoses resolved! Chinese Medicine helped Liz find her best health, and she is passionate about sharing the potential of Chinese Medicine with you.

After postgraduate advanced training in two hospitals in Nanjing, China, Liz was honored to be selected for a two-year residency under Dr. Hong Jin, an expert in women’s health and fertility. Her specialties include:

  • Licensed Acupuncturist, Board certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Sports Medicine and Pain Specialist
  • Certified in Holistic Facial Rejuvenation

When not working with patients you will find Liz in her garden, on the trails, or further engaging in the lifelong study of Chinese Medicine.