Oby Iversen

Massage Therapist

Oby Iversen

TO SCHEDULE, you can book online at obyshouseofhealing.janeapp.com

FOR QUESTIONS, email obyshouseofhealing@gmail.com 

Oby’s healing journey began in 2012 after a snowboarding accident led to a shoulder injury. With the help of a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Oby experienced cupping and gua sha for the first time. These two techniques expedited their healing process. Following their recovery, Oby sought education at Portland’s East West College of the Healing Arts. They graduated in 2014 with focus on Eastern massage modalities. They have been practicing massage and bodywork since with emphasis on injury repair and releasing blockages to increase mobility. Oby has practiced at various clinics around Portland and now feels confident and excited to manage their own private practice within Lula Health Center.

While Deep Tissue and Swedish massage are common Western modalities, Oby infuses every treatment with elements of their Eastern specialties such as Tuina and Thai as well. Every treatment, no matter the modality, comes with Oby’s keen attunement to energetic flow and the needs of each muscle to release what they are holding. “It feels like you are speaking directly to my body,” is a common remark clients make after treatment.

Oby also offers a few treatments designed specifically for underserved communities:

  • BIPOC  sliding scale, for those who may not have financial access to therapeutic bodywork.
  • Top Surgery Balancing, for those in the queer community to receive follow up care post-surgery. This helps to increase range of motion and break up scar tissue.

Oby has spent many years training at the rock climbing gym to compliment the physical needs of massage practice, i.e. strong forearms and body control. In more recent years, due to the pandemic, Oby has been supplementing less gym time with more daily workouts at home, walks outside with their dog every day, and regular meditation. Oby is a huge fan of soaking in epsom salts at the end of a long day and rolling tight muscles on their foam roller. 

OR License #20785