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Our Favorite Pillow

Our Favorite Pillow

After years of research, we finally have a pillow to call Lula Approved!

I have been on the hunt for a pillow worth carrying for our patients at Lula for 6+ years! Folks often come to us for recommendations. Our recs have always been the same: low and firm is your best bet. Pillows should simply replace the space between your head and shoulders so that your cervical vertebrae can maintain the proper curve without overstretching ligaments and taxing muscles. I have suggested cervical pillows, memory foam, but have never felt confident enough to back a specific brand. Full disclosure, I have been sleeping on the same, old pillow for 15+ years because none other has been able to top its consistency. 

All of this was before I discovered The Proper Pillow. This pillow was created by a chiropractor and supports both back and side sleeping positions. Not only that, but it is virtually impossible to sleep on your stomach using this pillow, and this is a GOOD thing. Sleeping on your tummy, while comforting, wreaks havoc on your neck and limits your breathing.

Here are some of the features of The Proper Pillow:

• One standard Queen Size- 65cmx 45cmx 12cm
• Ergonomic construction comforts all body types
• Cooling comfort layer disperses excess body heat
• Non-latex, hygienic, and washable

Pick up a Proper Pillow at your next visit. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee.